Phoned Nil Trio on tour - 2012

Phoned Nil Trio Snow Beast Tour

3/22- Milwaukee, WI @ The Sugar Maple w/ Jim Schoenecker, Thomas Wincek, HeCanJog w/ WC Tank
3/23- Chicago, IL @ Enemy w/ Pregnant Spore, Cinninatus C, Scant, Fatale
3/24- Detroit, MI @ The M.U.G. w/ Sick Llama, Vullmoxx
3/25- Cleveland, Oh @ Bela Dubby w/ Plague Mother, Lisa Miralia, Parched Earth
3/26- Buffalo, NY @ The Jungle Gym w/ Baily/Bolger, Zombish, Settlers, Pusdrainer
3/27- Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Roboto Project w/ RJ Myato, Ken Kaminski, Triangle & Rhino
3/28- Fairfax, VA @ Candlehaus w/ Scant, Cinninatus C, Pregnant Spore
3/29- Richmond, VA
3/30-Lexington, KY @ Collexion w/ Wretched Worse, Transubstantiation
3/31- Dayton, OH- @ Battery Cage w/ Glom, Jason Martzukis, Amusiac

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“art is what makes life more interesting than art,” - Robert Filliou

2011 is NOW!

2011 is NOW!  Happy New Year to All!

Ultimately, any sign or word is susceptible to being converted into something else, even into its opposite.
snow scene no. 20

snow scene no. 20

wall/light no. 4

wall/light no. 4

The question is: what is seen now, but will never be seen again?