Phoned Nil Trio on tour - 2012

Phoned Nil Trio Snow Beast Tour

3/22- Milwaukee, WI @ The Sugar Maple w/ Jim Schoenecker, Thomas Wincek, HeCanJog w/ WC Tank
3/23- Chicago, IL @ Enemy w/ Pregnant Spore, Cinninatus C, Scant, Fatale
3/24- Detroit, MI @ The M.U.G. w/ Sick Llama, Vullmoxx
3/25- Cleveland, Oh @ Bela Dubby w/ Plague Mother, Lisa Miralia, Parched Earth
3/26- Buffalo, NY @ The Jungle Gym w/ Baily/Bolger, Zombish, Settlers, Pusdrainer
3/27- Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Roboto Project w/ RJ Myato, Ken Kaminski, Triangle & Rhino
3/28- Fairfax, VA @ Candlehaus w/ Scant, Cinninatus C, Pregnant Spore
3/29- Richmond, VA
3/30-Lexington, KY @ Collexion w/ Wretched Worse, Transubstantiation
3/31- Dayton, OH- @ Battery Cage w/ Glom, Jason Martzukis, Amusiac

“art is what makes life more interesting than art,” - Robert Filliou

  • Camera: Canon PowerShot Pro1
  • Aperture: f/5
  • Exposure: 1/200th
  • Focal Length: 79mm

Ultimately, any sign or word is susceptible to being converted into something else, even into its opposite.

snow scene no. 20
  • Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S5100
  • Aperture: f/3.1
  • Exposure: 1/34th
  • Focal Length: 27mm

snow scene no. 20

wall/light no. 4
  • Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S5100
  • Aperture: f/4.5
  • Exposure: 1/350th
  • Focal Length: 12mm

wall/light no. 4

The question is: what is seen now, but will never be seen again?